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Are You Burned Out, Losing Your Spark, and Frustrated with Sunday Mornings?

Find the Keys to Inspiring Worship Every Week
With More Free Time Than You've Ever Had!

If you're finding yourself stressed out by worship planning, frustrated by lackluster attendance, or missing the real presence of the holy on Sunday mornings, you and your worship need help!

How would you like it if your church's worship was so inspiring that people talked about it all week? What if you could engage your congregation in the service and touch their lives more deeply? And what if that also resulted in personal freedom from the pressure of weekly worship planning?

What if you had a passionate worship expert on your team?

"Dear Friends,

"I love creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship (I call it "M-M-Good")! Over 25 years of worship ministry, I have spent countless hours in the creative process of worship design and leadership, and have gotten good at it. My worship skills are well enough known that I've been the worship leader for the last two United Methodist General Conferences (if you're not a Methodist, that's the worldwide decision making body that meets once every 4 years) as well as other denominational gatherings.

But my real passion is seeing that same world class level of creativity and passion put into worship services in the local church through my work as a worship consultant.

Over the years, I pushed myself to find better ways to manage the fact that Sunday comes around every week! Because I also know about the hamster-wheel feeling of having to tend to relentless deadlines. And I have experienced first-hand the spiritual emptiness that can come as a result of this stress. We are the ones that are supposed to inspire others. But how can we do that when we feel exhausted and just so tired of trying to think of amazing ways to bring the story of faith alive in the midst of so many other duties?

After working with hundreds of churches to revitalize their worship, I've found a "secret sauce" of worship design principles that solve these problems, and bring life back to both pastors and Sunday mornings.

Worship Design Studio has helped many, many pastors and worship teams from every size church. But I am especially thrilled to assist folks who don't have a lot of help around them... yet. You don't have to feel so alone. I get to be on your team. In fact, my team gets to be your team. My team of nationally-known worship experts and I will help you find the resources that will enable you to create a God infused, memorable, inspiring worship experience every week, in less time than you're probably currently spending on preparation.

What makes me so passionate about this work of helping you with your task of worship design? My first career was in professional theater and music. That profession grew out of years of training, starting when I was a small child. Along the way, a little church in mid-America nurtured my faith and invited me to participate and lead using my art in worship, as well as go on life-changing mission trips that formed my justice-seeking discipleship. I witnessed firsthand the effect dynamic expressions of the story of faith had on all of us in that little rural church.

I desperately want this for the whole church and its people. Imagine if worship at your church were on fire: as worship excited, inspired, supported and challenged us to create a better world, alleviate suffering and bring beauty, love, joy and hope to others. If worship cannot do this, what is the point? For it is in our experience of a loving relationship with God that we are called to "go and do likewise" as the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

So many who are responsible for weekly worship services are stressed and overworked and not giving enough attention to moving the congregation toward transformative worship because they don't have the training or resources they need. My call to ministry has become focused solely on Equipping you, Inspiring you, Resourcing you, so that you have more joy, more ease, more spiritual life so that you can be the passionate leader God is calling you to be."

Peace and Passion

Dr. Marcia McFee

Take the Stress Out of Planning So That You and Your Congregation Can Focus On God

Planning week-to-week “one hit wonders” is exhausting. Face it – once you’re done with one Sunday, you only have SIX DAYS until you have to do it all over again! And so many things come up in the laundry-list of pastoral to-do items every week (not to mention managing the details of personal life) that worship planning and sermon preparation often get pushed to the very last minute.

BUT if we continue to let this rat-race pace define our lives, two things happen:

1) our lives are not our own and

2) worship quality is at the mercy of how busy your week has been.

This inevitably leads to a decline in Sunday morning inspiration because you’re stressed from your week and not as prepared as you’d like to be when you consider we expect that God is present whenever we gather! When worship quality takes a nose-dive, the energy and inspiration the congregation needs to live fully into their discipleship, mission and spiritual paths diminishes as well.

What Is the One Event Most of Your Congregation
Will Participate in on a Given Week?

The time you spend working on worship
has the greatest impact, on the most
number of people, of all the tasks
you undertake in ministry"
- Dr. Marcia McFee

No one is going to invite their friends if they don’t know if this Sunday will be a “good” Sunday or not.

Consistent Sunday quality is a KEY to growing attendance, both among new people and your existing congregation.

What do you think you’d need to have great worship every week?

Would it help you had a nationally renowned worship designer and teacher right there beside you to train you and your team?

What if you had a vast number of inspirational ideas for Sunday services?

Would you benefit from having a rock solid plan that’s helped hundreds of churches just like yours to achieve incredible worship results?”

Introducing Worship Design Studio 2.0!

Worship Design Studio began 7 years ago with regularly-posted podcasts full of ideas for each liturgical season. It got so so popular that an expanded website with hundreds of resources launched 3 years ago and since then well over 2,000 churches have received coaching there from Dr. McFee. It’s time to expand the offering again, with even more features and benefits that allow pastors and worship teams to effectively plan incredible worship services. We just added a streamlined Design App (worship planning from anywhere for the whole team), lesson plans on relevant subjects like “Dealing with Conflict” AND a mobile app that lets you add ideas and thoughts to your worship series on the fly!

Here’s what you get:

Never Be at a Loss for What to do on Sunday Morning

You'll never need to start from "scratch" again if you aren't feeling inspired! You can choose from over over seven years' worth of excellent worship series to help your planning (based on the revised common lectionary, the narrative lectionary and non-lectionary series). That's more than 364 services worth of inspiration, and we add new content every season!

These inspiration "fire-starters" make creative worship simple with descriptions of the message and resource ideas for every week in each of the worship arts (visual, verbal, musical, dramatic, media). And coming up with your own ideas will be easy because of the jumpstart we've given you!

Because of the potential to save enormous amounts of time, this is by far the most popular feature of the Worship Design Studio. By utilizing these series, you literally give yourself time because you do not have to come up with all the creative ideas for every Sunday!

Save Time Organizing Your Year

Advent, Christmas, Easter...they come around every year and we must figure out how to honor traditions as well as bring the Story alive again. In her “Worship Reboots” (free for members of Worship Design Studio), Dr. McFee will spend 6 weeks twice a year helping you and your team get your worship planning done months in advance with an easy to follow plan and live question and answer webinars. Marcia will help you cast a vision for the spiritual journey your congregation will take together and give you peace of mind so that you won’t be scrambling last-minute.

Get Your Life Back

Planning vital worship does take time and energy. But doing it from scratch every week takes unnecessary time and effort. Every productivity expert on the planet will tell you that you gain time when you group like tasks together, and that you lose time when you split up work needlessly. You've probably heard advice like "do all of your email just twice a day" before; it's these "immersion practices" that make all the difference!

Through training videos and webinars Dr. McFee will guide you step by step in creating a plan-ahead timeline that concentrates your efforts for amazing, time freeing results. Imagine knowing exactly what you'll be preaching on months in advance! How much better would your messages be if you didn't have to worry about church life intruding into your preparation time! Our Design App software will help keep the process on track, too.

Creative, Knowledgeable Volunteers

Wouldn’t it be great to have knowledgeable help right in your church? We often fall into the trap of, “it would take less time to just do it myself” because to train people just takes too long! That’s not true though; in the long run, you gain much more time than you lose when you work as a team. Training your people is an investment in the health of your congregation, and in your ability to stop the week to week worship run around that’s stressing you out. And with Marcia’s help, you do have time!

Inside Worship Design Studio 2.0, you’ll find energetic and inspiring online training materials crafted by Dr. McFee that will turn an HGTV groupie into a liturgical visual artist, a pianist who can only play off the page into a musical artist that provides beautiful transition music, a computer geek and an amateur photographer into volunteers who can create beautiful media for worship. How easy would it be to train your own worship team if all you had to do was email them a link? Access to Worship Design Studio includes access for your entire church.

Answers to All Your Worship Questions

If you’ve got questions about how to do worship in a new way, or how to implement some of the new ideas that Worship Design Studio will doubtless engender, there are dozens of helpful webinars, guides and resources to help you with just about any question you may have regarding worship. If you’ve ever thought, “how do I do that?” regarding the practical side of things, like projectors, software, drama, worship space staging, and so on, then you’ll find help in the Studio!

Here’s What People are Saying About the

Worship Design Studio:

Our worship has been SOOOOO blessed by the Studio's amazing resources! I'm grateful for all the talent you share with the series and planning...it makes my job lessstressful when the mechanics and admin of running a church intrude, as they regularly do, on my worship planning and creativity time.

-Mel Martinez,

Wichita Falls MCC

You have been a way for God to speak to me. Thanks for the sharing and motivation. I have been more creative in worship, personal and group, because of your calling.
Thank you and keep on!

-Santhia Jo Collins

Can I just say that I LOVE planning for worship! I am working on my November- December worship guide, thinking on Advent-Christmas season with the wonderful help of Marcia McFee Worship Design Studio "Here is our God" sermon series.....
Come Emmanuel Come! can't wait!!!!

- Ximena A. Varas

St. Andrews UMC

Your materials have been a life line to me here as we have undergone quite a bit of conflict–much of it brought on by our worship chair. Worship is not unaffected but it is still for many of us a sort of Citadel of hope in no small part thanks to you.

- Dan

Thank you for helping us open our minds to be able to deepen the worship experiences for people in tiny little Carlin, NV.

-- Kathi Sheaffer Colbert,

Worship Design Studio Member

Just wanted you to know that your site saved my gluteus maximus this season - and for the annual Christmas concert, no less! I used your Advent thoughts as lead-ins to the narrative that I wrote for each piece in the concert. People are still talking about how well the concert gelled as narrative and song weaved the listeners through the Advent and Christmas experience. It truly was something other than the usual Christmas story and it moved many hearts. I thank you so much for the creative thoughts and reflections for each Advent week and beyond that I was able to utilize for this purpose.

- Rev. V. Jill Sizemore,

Senior Pastor, MCC Knoxville

I just thought I would pass that along to you, to let you know that the seeds you are spreading are sprouting!

-- Jimmy Watson,

Pastor, St. Andrew UCC, Louisville, KY

Our worship planning sub-committee met Sunday night for 3 hours, and it was wonderful. Your information is terrific!!! Thank you so much.

-- Elizabeth

I have to tell you this! Yesterday, we met as a Worship Committee, to plan for the next program year. This was the first time ever for this kind of meeting. The staff has been doing yearly planning for a few years, but the Worship Committee never has. It was AMAZING! And it was sooooooo much fun!!

-- Bonnie Buckley

Worship Chair, Good Samaritan UMC

There are times every week when I would be lost without my link to WDS [ Worship Design Studio]!

- Rev. John Schneider

The only difference between a rut and
a grave
is the depth

We all get into ruts! Worship can get into a rut when we don’t take time to revisit those things “we’ve always done.” When we pause to intentionally take a fresh look at our worship, we can revitalize and honor traditions while creating new practices that quickly turn into beloved traditions!

Ruts also happen when we wait until the last minute to do everything and all we have time to do is what we’ve done before. When we get a more consistent way to design worship, we have time for worship planning to be life-giving and not soul-draining!

Are you OVERWHELMED by what you need to do
to make your worship better?

You can consistently improve your worship. But without guidance, many of us feel overwhelmed and wonder
“where do I start?” Feeling overwhelmed can lead to paralysis and instead of doing more,
too often we end up doing nothing.

Each month Marcia will guide you through an action item in order to see amazing results over your one-year subscription.
As you utilize the clear and practical theory and techniques for enhancing the message and engaging the congregation,
you will experience the fruits of your labor. 

Learn to Live by Dr. McFee’s Keys to Outstanding Worship in the Worship Design Studio:


Get down the number one practice that will decrease stress over Sundays while dramatically improving the quality of your services! Have more time to enjoy life and also more powerful, inspirational worship!

Learn how to effectively keep your congregation engaged as active participants in the worship while improving the quality and spirituality of the service. Congregational participation in worship is highly correlated with church health and growth, but it's hard to do while maintaining worship quality if you don't know these practices.

How to bring messages alive for every type of person in your congregation with worship that employs the science of the "Three Vs".

The personal discipline that will help you master the key to true authenticity, enjoying worship yourself, and be seen as a more spiritual leader!

Ever catch someone looking at their watch during the service? Master the most overlooked but important aspect of worship. Get comments like this: "The hour just flew by! We didn't want it to end!"

Expert Help That’s Step By Step and Face to Face

With live Q&As, webinars, dozens of video lessons, training articles, tips and reminders delivered right to the e-mail box of anyone in your congregation, churches subscribed to the Worship Design Studio have the opportunity to get interaction with world class worship leader and teacher, Dr. Marcia McFee,


And you can get started immediately as soon as you sign up, you will be able to access every one of the
218+ resources in the Worship Design Studio, starting with your priorities and what your
worship is in need of most!

These Principles Just Work!

Last year, we felt the need to have our worship services analyzed to see how we could improve... The best thing of all is the membership to Worship Design Studio. We love it! Our worship team plans out the message series in a totally new way. We are able to work 6 months in advance and our choir director is thrilled with the extra time he has to make the music relate to the message and the entire service. We also get message series ideas from WDS, and when things are going crazy, we know that we can log on and find fresh ideas (music, art, dance, liturgy to name a few) by just logging on.

--Rev. Ann Spears

FUMC Houston

I have been digging deeply into the topic of worship for the past 10 years or so. This is undoubtedly the best practical guide for assessing ‘what IS, what can be, and HOW to get there’ that I have seen.

– Brenda Spargo

What a difference Worship Design Studio has made in the worship life of our small church family! We were inspired by the Lenten series, "Watch and Pray. " Using your Resource Ideas from the Brainstorms, we were able to develop a powerful and meaningful worship program starting on Ash Wednesday and continuing through Easter Sunday. Our congregation was inspired, moved, and transformed. Thank you, thank you!

--Connie Murray

Fits ANY Worship Style, Because You’re in Charge

The principles and practices that you’ll learn in the Worship Design Studio are applicable to any context. Marcia has seen success in many different denominations, worship styles and settings, and age groups
for those who apply these theories and practices.

Dr. McFee will help guide you through developing a plan for your own congregation and its specific culture.
You’ll be creating the perfect worship experience for your church yourself, so it’s sure to be a perfect
match for your worship style!

You may think that you’re not a creative person, or that this would be too difficult for you, but we’ve seen success across a wide field of pastors, musicians, and lay leaders who have embraced the Worship Design Studio principles.
With Marcia’s help, anyone passionate about worship can do this!

Get Your Whole Congregation on Board for Enhancing Your Worship by Creating a Culture
of Radical Hospitality

The "Politics of Change"

"I know it's hard to believe, but some church people like things done the way they've always been done. It can be challenging doing something new with worship, even if that change is clearly for the better. How can you do something new without losing the people who liked it the way things were? - Dr. Marcia

Let Marcia be the voice of encouragement and renewed excitement for your congregation. You can invite unlimited numbers of people from your church to receive the Lenten Reboot materials, and Dr. McFee has a passion for spreading the vision of passionate, inspiring worship to the entire congregation!

She also has a lot of experience and insight about why people react to worship in various ways (from positive to negative). You will be able to see Marcia teach her infamous session called "The Politics of Change," which ALONE could change the way you and your congregation communicate about worship differences and move forward in a loving way toward more vital worship even if some parts aren't everyone's "cup of tea." Creating a Culture of Radical Hospitality about worship will get you beyond the "worship wars!"

Are You Serious About God Infused Worship?

Are you tired of just “getting by” on Sundays? Do you want to have less stress and more congregational engagement in the service?

Are you ready do whatever it takes to have powerful experiences of God during your worship?

Dr. McFee normally charges a church $5,000 for one week’s worth of worship coaching, or $3,500 for one weekend. She has helped hundreds of congregations revolutionize their worship in this way.

For your church to attend one of Marcia’s training conferences, the cost would normally be $500 plus travel and expenses for each church member, usually a few thousand dollars total for a few days of training.

What do you think a fair price would be for 365 days of world class worship coaching, for you and your entire church?



Can you even put a price on doing everything you can to bring the presence of God to your people in worship? The question really is “what is the price for NOT paying attention to the quality and depth of your worship?” Anxiety over attendance, participation and vitality is one such price. Continuing to get the same mediocre results you’re currently getting is another. There's not much to lose and a LOT to gain just by giving more to your worship! Revitalized worship can often be the Holy Spirit spark that invigorates the rest of the life and ministry of a church.

Fortunately, you can learn from Dr. McFee for a fraction of what her other clients pay.

You and your church can start learning from all 218+ resources in Worship Design Studio 2.0 instantly for only


for the WHOLE YEAR!

Worship Design Studio Bonuses:

We’ll also include these very valuable and helpful bonuses:


Get Your Whole Congregation on Board

If you’re concerned about getting your congregation behind an enhanced worship experience, we’ve got you covered. When you subscribe now, you’ll receive a video training filmed at a recent conference where Marcia shows participants a way forward out of conflicts around change.

This funny and poignant session is accompanied by a discussion guide and a set of four newsletter articles ready for you to use to help bring your congregation along for the journey of creating more deeply meaningful and memorable worship.


Priority Access to Marcia’s Virtual Training Events:

Once you’re a member of Worship Design Studio, you’ll have priority access to Dr. McFee’s twice-yearly coaching intensives, “Reboot Your Worship, ” which guide you through planning for Lent or Advent. Hundreds of people attend these Reboot seminars, and members of Worship Design Studio get the first shot to reserve a seat before they sell out. Not only do you have priority seating to these 6 week long live online events, but access for your entire church is TOTALLY FREE!!! That by itself is a huge added value each year.


Rebate for one of Marcia’s Live training retreats!

During launch, we will ALSO give you a $25 rebate certificate to apply to any live retreat sponsored by Dr. Marcia McFee. Hundreds of people have come to learn and plan worship live with Marcia in amazingly beautiful and rejuvenating places like Lake Tahoe, Kennebunkport, and Lake Junaluska.
These events frequently sell out, and the feedback we get from them each year is incredible!

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee:

If for any reason, after engaging with the materials during the first 30 days, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Worship Design Studio, we will refund your investment no questions asked! We want you to be able to make this choice with confidence... so you have our 100% risk-free Worship Design Studio Guarantee!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Worship Design Studio 2.0:

12 months of access to 100’s of resources in the Worship Design Studio for unlimited members of your church

12 months of guided coaching emails

Keys to Outstanding Worship

Bring your Sunday mornings alive

Save tons of preparation time with 7+ years of worship inspiration based on lectionary and non-lectionary texts

218+ resources to train your entire team

Coordinate your worship planning using the new streamlined desktop Worship Design Planning App

Collect ideas anywhere using the new mobile Worship Design App!

Practical how to webinars and guides for implementing all of the worship arts

Periodic live Q&As, special event webinars, and online trainings

Worship Design Studio 2.0
BONUS: Priority seating at Marcia’s virtual “Reboot” training courses twice a year
BONUS: “Politics of Change” video presentation and newsletter articles for your congregation
BONUS: Rebate to a Worship Design Studio-sponsored live event
$582 $299

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It’s my hope that your congregation will use these resources to grow and thrive in the
coming year as you seize this opportunity to revitalize your worship.
I look forward to getting to know you, and helping your church
develop its own incredible worship!

Peace & Passion,
Dr. Marcia McFee

Want a rock solid plan for incredible, creative worship? Learn the keys to outstanding worship and get a plan in place to free up your time in the Worship Design Studio 2.0!