You'll Learn How To:

Engage People Simply with Music

Create Powerful Visual Symbols that From Everyday Items

Use Multi-Media to Enhance Your Entire Worship Space

Bring Messages Alive for Everyone

The Right Way to Incorporate Drama

Convince Your People All This was Their Own Idea!

Everyone’s worship experience suffers from low batteries occasionally.  This series of six brief articles (sent to you one-per-week) will offer you an easy way to engage more deeply with what is possible for your worshiping community.

These are great conversation-starters for those who design worship together (or alone!) to help you begin a journey of creating more deeply meaningful and memorable worship. And it is my GIFT to you! 

* ALL of these materials are part of the Resource Library in the Worship Design Studio. This is a taste of the concepts of worship design and leadership that Dr. Marcia McFee has developed over 20 years of worship consultation...